Workflow Management

This system aims to manage the workflow on various systems in a way that allows management and users to work on the automation of the movements and make them as one. It can track the progress of those movements where the aim of this track is to reduce errors and delays and increase production and thereby achieve harmony based on the level of one movement and enhance the value of the existing system.

Main Features

  • Links with the approvals system.
  • It creates an unlimited number of approvals and movements that fall within the workflow.
  • Links an unlimited number of users with every movement and its workflow.
  • Links with the system users and their permissions.
  • Intensive management of the sequence of the workflow based on the level of movement or event.
  • Ensures a high level of professionalism and confidentiality through the workflow system.
  • Links with the alarm and reminder mechanism through the system.
  • Helps in customizing the workflow methods at the individual level in the establishment and decision-making.
  • Maintains the confidentiality and privacy of the individuals’ positions in the establishment without any violations.
  • It helps in merging the roles and positions of the individuals within the establishment.
  • Manages and monitors the production processes in the establishment for continuous effectiveness.
  • It helps in reducing the decentralization in decision-making within the establishment.
  • It helps in dividing the facility into several administrative stations.
  • Strengthens the value of the announced decisions to be considered as solving decisions.
  • The ability to customize applying the system on any event or movement associated with other systems.
  • Links with all involved systems.
  • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
  • Smart mobility solutions.
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