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Natejsoft (Natej for Information Technology) offers since 1999 of experience as a premier software vendor! With a little over 800 clients, Natejsoft is a leader in the world of software, serving Jordan and the world.


Natejsoft has developed and implemented complex business solutions in the most simplified way possible for customers. We come in as consultants; we understand the needs of your business and help you in finding out a solution that helps you maximize revenues / minimize costs. Our experienced and skilled team of project managers, programmers, and quality experts then help you in the technical implementation of the same in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Natejsoft is ready to study, analyze, and develop custom solutions for your business needs. Our experts armed with the tools and years’ experience has proven itself time after time that we can tailor fit your business needs with ANY business software that cannot be “picked off the shelf” quickly and affordably!


Natejsoft has a specially designed Service center, and a Repair & Assembly facility to meet the demands of our customers. We have qualified staff and certified professionals who are eager to help you.


Our goal is simple, to provide the best solutions to customers, with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Business Mapping

We will understand the way your organization work, our consultants will perform site visits to your different locations and meet with your key users to understand your business requirements and your business processes.

In this phase we will understand the way your organization work, our consultants will perform a site visits your different locations and meet with your key users to understand your business requirements and your business processes, this will help us to understand your business environment better and put the road map of how can we help you to improve your business according to the best practice and through using our ERP system.

The result of this phase is a document that describes the present situation; this document is called "Mapping Document".

By taking your approval on this document, this phase will end and a new phase will come next.

Gap Analysis

Our consultants will create the gap analysis document; this document will describe the gaps between your present system and your new ERP system, by giving approval on this document you will move to the next phase.

As a result from the Gap analysis phase, we may need to make customizations, together Natejsoft project manager and client project manager are the only persons who are authorized to agree on doing customizations. Natejsoft will create a document containing prototypes with full business details.

Process design

During the build, the design is set into action. All implementation decisions and all processes that have been developed and verified during design are adapted to physically construct the system.

Also, we will use your sample data which you will provide it to us according to our template to complete this phase.

This phase will be only inside our offices, you can see the result of this phase only in the next phase.

After completing all of the previous phases, we will execute the simulation phase, in this phase, we will perform a full functionality for the system, and this will be the final step before training.

By taking approval on this phase from the client project manager and the key users, this phase will be completed.

Our Achievements

Here is our Statistics... Numbers tell a story

If you are stuck somewhere and could do well with some assistance just let us know and we are ready to support your think tank.













Mohammad Bin Mokhashin (Alnahdi Group)


We were using multiple disparate IT systems which often yielded inaccurate data and required extensive manual labor to rectify. This was potentially leading to revenue leakage as there was a lack of visibility of parts, and components in stores vs sales and invoicing. With a mobile-ready completely integrated system from Natejsoft, we will be better equipped to address these challenges and benefit from a scalable, integrated, and web-architected Cloud-based system.


Osama Hanaboli (Alrowad School)


One of the main reasons for choosing Natejsoft was the robustness of the ERP system and the flexibility it offered to suit our educational business needs, especially as unique and as complex as ours, compared to other ERP solutions in the market. Natejsoft’s service, implementation, and support go beyond the terms of the agreement-in-writing as the approach has been as if we are partners in business. Today, our experience with Natejsoft has spread over a decade. 


Dr. Saleh Alhusan (Boats Pharma)


We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Natejsoft team whether it is the consultants, sales, or after-sales support that has been given to us. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating enduring value for customers.


Khalil AlFar (AlJabaly Group)


The plastic industry is going through structural reform and our IT systems must be capable of supporting both our current and future business needs. Natejsoft offered us a functionally strong and integrated solution with in-built mobility and analytics to address the end-to-end needs of our operations. With Matej ERP, we will be able to scale and grow on the solution while continuing to control the costs.


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