General Ledger

The general accounting system serves the financial management requirements in the company and it works in full interdependence where the flow of information between different systems pours in the general system at the end. Such integration means that the limitations of the financial impact of various movements such as payable accounts, receivable accounts, and funds will be reflected automatically on the general ledger accounts defined in advance by those involved in financial management without having to manually enter these records. The system also provides a flexible and practical query screen for all reports and previous statements with the advantage of following-up available information on the screen down to the lowest level of the movements in the financial statements database.

Main Features

  • Easy and flexible in building a chart of accounts.
  • Provides an unlimited number of levels of the chart of accounts structure.
  • Controls the accounts’ digits, numbering techniques, and levels’ structural coherence.
  • Flexibility in entering initial balances of the accounts.
  • The possibility of recording simple or complex daily records with more than one type of accounting record.
  • Flexibility in numbering daily records on a monthly or daily basis automatically.
  • Obtain any information related to the accounts mentioned in the record through the screen immediately without the need to close it.
  • Connects the daily record with the reference data to facilitate the process of recourse.
  • The possibility of keeping the frequently used records in the favorites making it easier to be used several times without being re-written.
  • The possibility of reversing any accounting record with another separate record directly through the record’s screen and in real-time constraint.
  • The possibility of replicating the current record’s data based on earlier data without the need to rewrite it again.
  • Defines an unlimited number of levels to cost and profit centers.
  • The possibility of linking the accounts to their cost and profit centers.
  • Allocates the share of each cost center with a certain percentage of the total value with the possibility of distributing it automatically when creating the record.
  • Defines the structure of the accounts associated with the cash flow and the nature of its effect automatically.
  • Requests cash flow statements during any period of the current or expected movements.
  • Defines accounts associated with concluding statements if it is an income or budget list specifying its nature and categorized automatically.
  • Defines the clarifications and opinion for the accounts linked with concluding statements if it is an income or budget list and link it to the accounts relevant to its appearance in the final lists automatically.
  • Requests concluding statements if it is an income or budget list during any period.
  • Determines the budget estimates at the account level or cost center with the possibility of comparing and calculating the excess ratios and analyze them.
  • Compares financial periods yearly or monthly or specific periods for accounts and cost and profit centers.
  • Comprehensive integration with other financial systems like salaries, assets, and others.
  • Reports financial events or requests approvals or sends the accounts and other assets by SMS.
  • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
  • Smart Solutions via smartphones and tablets.
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