Cash & Cheques Management

Cash and Cheques Management system aims to vigorously pursue all banking movements that are made from deposits, withdrawals, whether in cash or by bank cheques according to the deposit date. It also facilitates the data query for any cheque through any piece of information that may be available for it.

Main Features

  • Defines an unlimited number of banks and links it to its branches and links the branches to the related accounts.
  • Determines what accounts are opened in terms of the account type and currency category and other information.
  • Links all accounts at the branch and bank-level with the accounting system.
  • Defines cheque books disbursed to the account at the branch and bank-level in terms of book numbers and number of papers and cheques numbers for the monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • Deals with an unlimited number of cheques received and disbursed through the received or disbursed bond screen and link it to the cheques wallet for each account.
  • The ability to save a copy of the received or disbursed cheques by using the available archiving tools for monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • Management of bank movements needed through the screens devoted to it with the creation of the accounting constraint automatically to such as:
  • Customize any bank movement (transfer, commission, under the debtor, under a creditor, other.
  • Registers returned cheques and classify the blacklist at the level of the withdrawing client or the client who signed.
  • It provides an automatic mechanism for the bank settlement without having to enter data manually.
  • It provides a mechanism for processing returned cheques in several ways.
  • The possibility of recording transfer movements between accounts at a single branch or branches or banks level
  • Links collected and paid cheques with funds.
  • Manages to transfer cheques between funds.
  • Links collected and paid cheques with sales representatives.
  • Reminds with the due cheques for the company before the due date for the monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • The ability to automatically printing the cheque through the system.
  • The possibility of requesting the approval of the authorized signatory (regardless of his whereabouts) to write a specific cheque via e-mail or SMS and receiving the approval in the same manner and in strict confidence with the possibility of printing the cheque directly containing your signature tags.
  • Links all movements with the accounting systems, receivable accounts, payable, and receivable accounts ages.
  • The possibility of an automated link between the system and the banks to send or receive data automatically and discreetly.
  • Define an unlimited number of funds and deal with them easily.
  • Transform movements between funds and create restrictions automatically.
  • Defining an unlimited number of bank loans and linking them to related accounts.
  • Payment of the bank loan automatically with interest and commission calculation and the transfer of restrictions automatically.
  • Complete processing of bank credits and expenses and the establishment of restrictions in such manner.
  • It provides a dynamic mechanism to open, close, and inventory funds through the system or smart applications.
  • Ability to track the cash flow of funds and banks directly through the interactive boards available
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