Schools Management

This system is designed primarily to follow-up and manage schools and instruction facilities in all aspects of acceptance, registration, financial management, grades, teachers, attendance and absence, libraries management, cafeteria management, vehicles and buses management, free activities management, and supporting studies, which provides an integrated link with all parts and procedures of the established. The system …

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Projects Management

This system follows-up projects that belong to the facility in terms of the required project specifications, submitted bids, project cost, and project expenses which helps to figure out the results on the subject of loss and profit. Main Features

Maintenance Management

This system aims to follow up technical problems that occur on the devices and machinery in the facility or the ones that are sold by the facility and subject to warranties or maintenance contracts so that the system runs starting when reporting the problem by the employee or the customer until the issue is resolved. …

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Workflow Management

This system aims to manage the workflow on various systems in a way that allows management and users to work on the automation of the movements and make them as one. It can track the progress of those movements where the aim of this track is to reduce errors and delays and increase production and …

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Vehicle Management Agency System

This system aims to fully and interrelatedly manage all sections of the agency working vehicles starting from the management of customer relationship and vehicles inventory of all classifications, as well as spare parts management, maintenance centers, procurement and sales to serve as one unit which aims at enhancing the enterprise performance as a whole. Main …

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Other Systems

There are also many systems that serve several effective sectors by full integration with other financial and administrative systems such as: Main Features

Fleet Management

This system aims to control and monitor all the establishment vehicles of the fleet in terms of managing, monitoring, and controlling expenses related to the fleet; it also takes care of license and insurance operations and reminds with the expiry dates. The system is based on the management of maintenance, violations, and accidents operations as …

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