Natejsoft (Natej for Information Technology) offers since 1999 of experience as a premier software vendor! With a little over 800 clients, Natejsoft is a leader in the world of software, serving Jordan and the world.
Natejsoft has developed and implemented complex business solutions in the most simplified way possible for customers. We come in as consultants; we understand the needs of your business and help you in finding out a solution that helps you maximize revenues / minimize costs. Our experienced and skilled team of project managers, programmers, and quality experts then help you in the technical implementation of the same in a cost-effective and timely manner.
Natejsoft is ready to study, analyze, and develop custom solutions for your business needs. Our experts armed with the tools and years’ experience has proven itself time after time that we can tailor fit your business needs with ANY business software that cannot be “picked off the shelf” quickly and affordably!
Natejsoft has a specially designed Service center, and a Repair & Assembly facility to meet the demands of our customers. We have qualified staff and certified professionals who are eager to help you.
Our goal is simple, to provide the best solutions to customers, with unparalleled customer satisfaction.surprised

Natejsoft like never before with the best team

Thinking back to when I first came up with the idea to establish Natejsoft, I do not think I can recall ever thinking it would become the success it is today. After years of tenacious hard work and fair set of challenges; it is so very gratifying to know that Natejsoft has become one of Jordan’s premier software solutions providers and that our dreams of expanding onto the regional scale have already come to bear. Facing a nascent, yet fiercely competitive industry at the time, we managed to crave the successes we have garnered so far.

Dr. Mustafa Abu Shraikh (CEO)

Success Story

Natejsoft, as the anagram in its name aims to suggest, is a leading provider of advanced software for information technology. The several years of experience in the field and a robust group of clients to show for its success to date has allowed it this great market position. Through the continuous provision of truly innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Natejsoft has overcome its fair share of challenges since its inception. This, we strongly believe, has been the result of our conviction: that in order to succeed within a fiercely competitive sector, both at home and abroad, our software solutions must deliver the binary of reliable, advanced knowledge and technology with user accessibility and implementation. Herein lays our strongest comparative advantage.


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Our vision is to lead innovation in our field and we realize that our success is a reciprocal process. The more connected Natejsoft is with its clients and the more responsive we are the greater success we can garner and the faster progress we can attain. The mainstay of Natejsoft’s overall vision lays in our ongoing commitment to becoming one of Jordan’s leading providers in advanced software solutions within the Information Technology Sector. Through its unwavering determination and expertise, Natejsoft hopes to be a leading supporter and promoter of the Kingdom’s IT sector, in line with the directives and vision for the sector’s overall progression


Natejsoft’s mission is to develop and provide the most advanced, integrated software solutions and services to its clients in the most easily implemented way. Working with a range of ERPs, Natejsoft software is designed to coordinate its clients with a complete set of resources, information, and activities within one holistic system, contributing substantially to their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Currently, Natejsoft provides its clients with several reliable desktop and web-based solutions, with full hardware and networking compatibility. And with different business sectors to which customers belong and with a variety of needs that vary depending on the nature of their activities; We pride ourselves on the malleability of our expertise, allowing us to customize our products to the client’s exact needs and requirements. Expanding our product portfolio, including developing software solutions tailored to a wide variety of sectors, is an integral part of our vision for the future

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