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Schools and Education

This system is designed primarily to follow-up and manage schools and instruction facilities in all aspects of acceptance, registration, financial management, grades, teachers, attendance and absence, libraries management, cafeteria management, vehicles and buses management, free activities management, and supporting studies, which provides an integrated link with all parts and procedures of the established. The system also provides specific features to facilitate communication between parents, establishment, and students in the respective system.

Main Features

    • Defines an unlimited number of schools, stages, grades, and divisions.
    • Determines the structural composition of the school in terms of buildings, floors, and rooms and connecting them with the classes and divisions.
    • Determines the capacity of each classroom and linking it to the registration process.
    • Adoption of a detailed registration card for the student includes all personal, academic, skills, historical, and other data.
    • Give every family a custom code to make it easier to follow-up processes.
    • Archives documents relating to the student and keeps them for easy retrieval later.
    • Keeps the student’s historical record prior to registration in terms of schools that he/she attended.
    • Records the student’s movements among divisions.
    • A special record for the student to manage disabilities, skills, and medical conditions that belong to the student and deal with them confidentially.
    • Manages students’ treatments through a system that manages the school clinic, students, reviewers, and procedures that happened.
    • Defines special discounts mechanism for the school in all its branches as siblings discount or orphans and other discounts.
    • Determines the pricing mechanism for each class separately.
    • Manages the sale of books through linking between the classroom and the books related to it, in addition to linking the warehouse's system.
    • Manages the sale of school uniforms through linking between the size of the student and the proper attire, in addition to linking the warehouse's system.
    • Comprehensive management of the amounts owed by the student and the payments received.
    • The possibility of analyzing what a parent owe according to each student or assembled as a contingency owed or received payments.
    • Links the school revenue through a receivable bond with an unlimited number of cost centers and several levels for the purposes of analyzing revenue.
    • Defines the pricing mechanism for transportation categories and links it to the student.
    • Integrated link with the accounting system.
    • Defines school days during the academic year.
    • A record for the students’ attendance in terms of the date of absence, the number of days, and the number of classes the student missed.
    • Sorts of students who exceeded the allowed maximum number of days of absence.
    • Defines an unlimited number of teachers with all their personal, academic qualifications, specialties, and professional and practical experiences data.
    • Defines special structural times quotas and rest periods for each class dynamically to suit the requirements of international regulations.
    • Determines the course schedule and variables that relate to the teacher in terms of quotas and other.
    • Links the teacher with materials and classes that he/she is responsible for.
    • Creates the weekly class schedule automatically through the system and depending on the required variables.
    • Defines an unlimited number of materials and exams for each class separately dynamically.
    • Determines the structure of the exam materials in terms of the lowest or maximum mark of success.
    • Defines any other marks for the assessment purposes or calculation of average or behavior such as participation, and others.
    • A special record to enter student's grades for materials and exams in several forms.
    • Calculates the final grades for material or the final average for the student and links them to a special system for the issuance of certificates to be printed.
    • Comprehensive management of the school library in terms of book classification with an unlimited number of classifications.
    • A full record of the process to loan books and return them with a special record of the book’s condition.
    • A record of the procedures that happen in the book such as purchase, sale, destruction, maintenance, and others.
    • It provides an easy and quick mechanism to learn the whereabouts of the book in the library and locate it.
    • It provides an integrated system to manage the school’s cafeteria.
    • Manages the payment method for the student purchases from the cafeteria in cash, subscription, coupons, prepaid cards, and receivable accounts.
    • Links the cafeteria system with accounting systems and warehouses.
    • It provides a system to manage the free activities and supporting studies.
    • Controls scheduling free activities, supporting studies in terms of dates, and absorptive capacity.
    • Links the income and expenses of free activities and supporting studies with the accounting system and cost centers.
    • It provides a system to manage bus tours and the distribution of students within specific categories of transportation.
    • Links the tour management system, fleet system, admission system, registration, and accounting system.
    • It provides a mechanism to find out the whereabouts of students and counting their numbers automatically.
    • Links with the school system without having to re-enter the data again.
    • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
    • Smart Solutions via smartphones and tablets.
    • Provides a reminder mechanism by e-mail or SMS.
    • Provide a mechanism to ease direct communication between administration and parents.
    • Provide smart school and E-school system.
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