Retail Fuel Solutions

Powerful Solutions for Gas Stations

Retail Fuel Solutions

The Gas Stations Management system connects all the gas station procedures from selling through the fuel pumps or providing tanks with fuel or delivering gas service, therefore, the system provides comprehensive management of sales and inventory through direct connection with the devices available inside the station.

Main Features

    • Defines an unlimited number of pumps, regardless of the fuel type.
    • Defines an unlimited number of fuel tanks.
    • A special record for customers and their details.
    • Manages purchasing movements from the supplier.
    • Manages selling movements to customers regardless of the payment method.
    • The direct link between fuel tanks and the system to follow-up the procurement movements and inventory quantities, also, the ability to know the temperature of the tank and the water proportion in the tank through the system and the binding mechanism provided with the devices allocated to it.
    • Warns and alerts in case the stock reached the safety amount, the safety temperature, or security proportion of water mixed with fluid by email or SMS.
    • Links with fuel pumps to monitor the sales transactions completely and in detail.
    • Sorts of pump sales by the seller, pump number, handle number, fuel type, or the client.
    • The use of handheld devices to record vehicles’ sales movements where the system enables you to gather information on vehicles, vehicle owners, and retrieved their data automatically by the barcode or vehicle number.
    • Records direct account movements through sales by handheld devices.
    • Manages receivable sales such as following-up the maximum limit for the client or client’s other vehicles allowed to refuel; the system provides specific solutions to customer service as well.
    • Manages reception of refueling orders for homes or companies and scheduling appointments; in addition to managing fuel distribution sales.
    • The ability of a direct link with the supplier until the level of inventory reaches the demand and creating a purchase order automatically and directly.
    • The ability of a direct link with the authorities responsible for pricing, so prices are updated automatically and directly.
    • Links with accounting, warehouses, and other systems.
    • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
    • Smart mobility solutions.
    • Availability of equipment, devices, and operational solutions:
    • Products Prices Displays                             
    • Fuel Dispensers
    • Customized Solutions
    • Electronic Payment
    • Fuel Pumps
    • Fuel Tanks Tracking      
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