Administrative Communication System

Administrative Communication System

The system (Administrative Communications) aims to automate the work of the departments and departments of administrative communications in the facility; As the system follows up on the incoming and outgoing correspondence from various agencies and follows them through implementing the necessary procedures for them from the processes of presentation, referral, payment and following up on transactions.

Main Features

    Register a general issued transaction
    Register an internal transaction
    Related transactions
    Electronic attachments
    List of transactions shown
    View transactions
    Recording a transaction in the general incoming
    Recording a transaction in the internal incoming
    Incoming payment
    Registration of the general export transaction
    Recording the internal export transaction
    Payment of the issued
    Post office delivery list
    The internal mail distribution list
    Delete and cancel transactions
    A general outbound delivery statement
    Recording of the receipt of the transaction by the addressee
    Referral and distribution of transactions
    Receipt of the referral receipt
    Record the follow-up operations on transactions
    Add an original / image to a transaction in the file

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