This system organizes and archives documents and private and public files at the level of individuals, groups, or institutions. It also provides a set of tools that help in speeding up communication between system users such as messages system, conversation system, notepad system, and other tools.

Main Features

    • Easy to deal with.
    • Permissions system for all files and folders.
    • Each user has his/her folders and files.
    • Shares files and documents with others.
    • Encryption system and internal file zipping as the user needs.
    • The ability to create a backup copy of the documents and retrieve them easily.
    • It provides its favorite for each user to put the documents he/she uses continuously.
    • Easily retrieve required documents using different ways to search, with the ability to use more than one formula to search. Example: determine the date with the sender and the receiver.
    • The ability to search for file names.
    • The ability to search for the contents of text files.
    • A system for copying images from a scanner, to add and save the image that has been copied to the archive or a user’s computer.
    • The ability to save a document, set of documents, or even all the documents for each user easily and conveniently.
    • The system aims to provide office space that is usually consumed to store paper files.
    • The system aims to provide backup copies of documents in case the originals got damaged as a result of natural or human factors such as fire, theft, loss of documents, or other atmospheric factors damage.
    • Easily share documents within and outside the establishment.
    • Making documents available to view by many people at the same time.
    • A permissions mechanism to view the documents.
    • Compatible with all scanners.
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