Vehicle Management Agency System

This system aims to fully and interrelatedly manage all sections of the agency working vehicles starting from the management of customer relationship and vehicles inventory of all classifications, as well as spare parts management, maintenance centers, procurement and sales to serve as one unit which aims at enhancing the enterprise performance as a whole.

Main Features

  • Constructing an unlimited structure of vehicle types and models.
  • Describe the model accurately in all its classifications and details.
  • An integrated vehicle procurement management mechanism in all its details.
    • Provide a mechanism for the introduction of the cost of the vehicle and calculate the cost accurately.
    • Offers special screens for exhibition management in association with smart devices.
    • Provides a special CRM system.
    • There is a mechanism for the introduction of used purchases.
    • Possibility of building multiple payment mechanisms.
    • Possibility of following vehicle insurance and licensing.
    • Full follow-up of vehicle condition.
    • Online tracking of vehicle supply and delivery.
    • Special records for booking the driving experience of the vehicle and its evaluation by customers.
    • Special vehicle parts management system.
    • Classification of maintenance services by models.
    • A detailed description of maintenance service in terms of time and cost.
    • Handling all types of maintenance procedures.
    • The existence of an integrated record of the maintenance procedures on the vehicle.
    • Integrated interconnection with spare parts, finance, and personnel systems.
    • Integrated connectivity with tablets and smartphones.
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