Time Attendance

This system follows up employees’ attendance in all aspects of the presence, absence, and leaves. It also provides multiple techniques for control through manual entry of the movements or electronic connection with the different working hours, giving the facility consistent monitoring for all staff, regardless of the location.

Main Features

  • Defines an unlimited number of employees.
  • Defines an unlimited number of working hours.
  • Defines an unlimited number of working hours’ actions.
  • A special screen to control working hour settings dynamically.
  • Deals with the files resulted from the working hour, regardless of the structure of the file.
  • Links with one working hour or more automatically.
  • Links with the working hours found in distant locations from the site database in several ways.
  • Has the possibility of dealing with handheld devices in recording working hours’ actions.
  • Deals with an unlimited number of shifts.
  • Builds employees’ work schedules easily.
  • Flexible movement between the shifts for the employee or schedule a shift for another period.
  • The possibility of recording working hours’ actions manually.
  • Links with both the human resources and salary systems.
  • Direct connection with leave requests and holidays.
  • Deals with more than one location for a working hours record linked with cost centers.
  • Adjusts working hours with departments, sections, and sites linked to employees in these departments and sections.
  • The possibility of recording working hours’ actions of various kinds through SMS and smart apps.
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