Sales & Marketing Management

The sales system aims to provide cash handling easily and accurately for customers’ direct sales by dealing with various types of payments in cash or receivables in local or foreign currencies; it also provides a flexible mechanism for discounts, pricing, and continuous or seasonal offers. Additionally, it provides a precise mechanism for monitoring and controlling granted receivables.

Main Features

  • Defines an unlimited number of price types.
  • Defines an unlimited number of customer categories and their levels.
  • Dynamically defines ongoing and seasonal discounts and offers.
  • Connects customers with their own price categories.
  • Provides a reception mechanism to sales requests for customers (local or export).
  • Provides multiple ways to receive applications: manually, distribution sales representatives, electronic applications, or others.
  • Provides a follow-up system for delivery orders and scheduling delivery dates.
  • Creates continuous or seasonal offers dynamically and links the pricing and discounts mechanism on the client, group, or material level and selecting free quantities within a specific period or within specific amounts.
  • Provides reservation bonds for sold or to be reserved materials.
  • Provides a dynamic screen to follow-up customer’s sales requests so as to ensure controlling the maximum receivable granted to the client (cash, cheques). It also provides information on the customer’s balances, grace periods, and the cheques’ values (collected, to be collected). It includes information on sales returns belonging to the customer and whether he/she is within the blacklist or not, accordingly decide to conduct the sale process.
  • The direct transfer of the approved sales request to the sales invoice.
  • Provides an unlimited number of payment methods.
  • It provides a mechanism to monitor the outstanding, unpaid, or partly paid invoices.
  • Follows-up lost sales (quantity, material) through designated screens.
  • It provides a mechanism to control returned sales (quantity, price) where the amount of material is not returned that is not sold to the customer at all.
  • Full control of the customers’ sales movements who exceeded their receivables during the preparation of the sales receipt only after obtaining the necessary approvals.
  • Provides a follow-up system to sales orders on samples and identifying necessary actions to prepare the sample.
  • A special record for evaluating customers and their reactions on delivered samples for monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • Provides analysis screens of sales at the client, representative, group, area, and material level.
  • Links with accounting, warehouses, receivables, and other systems.
  • Provides a mechanism to notify the customer about offers and discounts by email or SMS.
  • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
  • Smart Solutions via smartphones and tablets.
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