Production and Manufacturing Management

This system aims to manage and follow-up the production process of ready-made materials. Through this system, a follow up is done on all requests for production, regardless of their origin; in addition, the system provides a mechanism for calculating the cost of raw materials and the cost of production of ready material, which provides precision in the management of production’s cost factors.

Main Features

  • Defines an unlimited number of production divisions and on several levels.
  • Defines an unlimited number of production stages.
  • Classifies production destinations for which the ready-made materials are produced on several levels.
  • Defines an unlimited number of machines and connect them with related divisions.
  • Links the divisions with their production stages and machines; in addition, it links the employees with the machines they work on.
  • A special card to define ready-made materials pertaining to production.
  • Defines an unlimited number of components of the ready-made materials.
  • Determines the production routes of each material.
  • Determines the necessary times for the production of ready-made materials and connect them to the level of each stage or at the level of each machine.
  • Determines the cost of ready-made materials production and connect them to the level of each stage or at the level of each machine.
  • Determines an unlimited number of indirect expenses.
  • Prepares production plans based on the available dynamic variables.
  • Provides suggested production orders based on the quantities of materials consumption.
  • Constructs production orders based on several variables such as requests for suggested production, sales request, sample request, or others.
  • Provides a special screen to follow up production requests to be approved, rejected, or approved a specific amount.
  • Easily knowing the production orders with their quantities and details that have been approved.
  • Provides a flexible mechanism for the production orders scheduling process that has been approved.
  • Special screen for following-up materials which products have been scheduled with the ability to re-schedule, confirm, or cancel them.
  • It provides a mechanism to convert the scheduled material for a specific period to a production order.
  • Defines an unlimited number of status track trails of the production order.
  • Provides a screen to follow up production orders and select the commands that are the start of manufacturing.
  • It provides a flexible mechanism to request the raw materials based on the production orders to be manufactured.
  • Manages raw materials that are received from the main warehouses.
  • Provides a mechanism to keep track of received materials to limit the received, required, and remaining quantities.
  • Provides a mechanism to follow up on the delivery and distribution of raw materials to the sections and stages.
  • Manages production orders that allow the user to know if the following is at the order, stage, machine, or material level: (The status of the production order, the current path for the production order, Received quantities, Consumed quantities, lost quantities, damaged quantities, Time spent, Time lost).
  • Dynamic allocation of any information that can be obtained through the production order.
  • It provides a mechanism for receiving the quantities of ready-made materials.
  • The possibility of knowing the received raw materials and comparing them with the received ready-made amounts and extracting the differences for the follow-up and audit purposes.
  • The possibility to track the production of any material directly and immediately.
  • Links with the accounting, warehousing, sales, and other systems.
  • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
  • Smart mobility solution.
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