Point of Sale System

This system aims to manage the points of sale of the facility regardless of its location and number. This system can be customized based on the areas of the facility and its activities whether it is a shop, a pharmacy, a restaurant, or participation centers such as children’s villages and sports clubs where the system is characterized by flexibility in use to speed up the sales process through points of sale.

Main Features

  • Works on an unlimited number of points of sale.
  • Compatible with all types of billing printers and touch screens.
  • The possibility to connect with the associated equipment to provide the service, such as scales or other.
  • Full compatibility with the sale using barcode.
  • Follows-up external orders and delivery.
  • Deals with cache funds with all of the procedures.
  • The possibility to suspend or impound the invoice.
  • A system for calculating the free points which are given to the customer and deal with it.
  • Complete management of all forms of payment whether cash or receivables or payment using Credit Cards.
  • A mechanism for the inventory process of funds cache.
  • Defines an unlimited number of tables for the POS for restaurants.
  • The possibility of merging or splitting the tables’ receipts.
  • Knows the status of the table if it is reserved, empty, or taken.
  • The possibility of using handheld devices to record requests for tables automatically.
  • Special records of doctors, patients, and insurance companies’ information regarding the selling points that belong to the pharmacies.
  • Deals with the validity date.
  • Determines the doses of drugs and printing them automatically with receipts.
  • Knowledge of available alternatives for every treatment, and selecting the alternative during the selling period.
  • Manages payment mechanism for each insured patient according to their payment coverage.
  • Special points of sale system for the recreation centers, sports clubs, and following-up membership fees.
  • Defines an unlimited number of subscription types.
  • The direct reminder of the membership expiry.
  • Direct membership renewal through the system.
  • Prose visits without a subscription.
  • Print tickets directly through the system.
  • Links with external devices that relate to the system.
  • Links with accounting, warehouses, and other systems.
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