Payroll System

The payroll system manages and ensures proper follow-up to all the employee’s different financial movements since the beginning of the appointment and until the end of the service, including end of service gratuity calculated according to the different laws of companies. Also, it follows up employees’ loans and advances as a supporting and integrated system with salaries to facilitate monitoring of the employees’ financial matters.

Main Features

  • Follows up with employees’ basic salary data.
  • The ability to define several types of salaries (monthly, daily, private) and disbursement according to its type.
  • The ability to distribute salaries components to different cost centers.
  • Classifies currency units to pay cash salaries.
  • Manages the calculation of the daily working hours, the number of annual salaries, overtime, and others.
  • Manages the calculation of the salary tax segments, the number of salary months, exemptions values, and others.
  • Follows up annual increases and salary adjustments for employees.
  • Follows up all different types of bonuses and update them depending on the variables and management decisions.
  • Defines an unlimited number of bonuses with a dynamic mechanism for calculating the premium.
  • Defines an unlimited number of deductions with a dynamic mechanism for calculating the deduction.
  • Manages overtime calculation variables and Defines an unlimited number of types of overtime.
  • Defines an unlimited number of financial movements added or subtracted from the salary.
  • Follows up information on tax exemptions for employees.
  • Calculates additional salaries in the event of their existence according to the internal rules.
  • Calculates income tax and social security automatically according to applicable laws and free variables depending on the country’s rules.
  • Migrates accounts for the employee issued by the sales system automatically.
  • Issues salary slips for employees.
  • Follows up the salaries that are transferred to the banks.
  • Electronic connection with the bank from where salaries are transferred.
  • Issues tax and social security report automatically.
  • Fills out government forms for salaries automatically.
  • Issues the employee’s discharge report automatically.
  • Follows up workers and day laborers wages.
  • Alerts employees with the financial movements and payroll issuance by e-mail or SMS.
  • Links with accounting, human resources, and other systems.
  • Smart Screens to analyze business and results.
  • Smart Solutions via smartphones and tablets.
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