Exchange & Money Transfer Management

This system aims to manage exchange companies regardless of their size and their branches number, it provides all the requirements of this area and offers all the ways to facilitate the procedures of exchange operations in terms of the currencies sale and purchase or issuing and receiving remittances even buying traveler’s cheques. This system is distinguished with permissions to discipline confidentiality.

Main Features

    • Provides ease in dealing with correspondents (agents), banks, and customers.
    • Deals with unlimited branches number for the exchange company.
    • Defines an unlimited number of funds.
    • Defines the fund’s structure and related accounts.
    • Links funds with the users.
    • Monitors the movements of funds from the purchase, sale, capture, exchange, transfer between funds, and others.
    • Defines an unlimited number of currencies.
    • Prices currencies easily and automatically through accredited sites.
    • A special card for the clients’ personal and detailed information with the ability to archive the clients’ documents.
    • Special record for the clients in the blacklist based on the adoption of the client on the blacklist.
    • Determines the permitted amounts of values to deal with and the conditions associated with those amounts.
    • Defines clients within categories for the follow-up purposes.
    • It defines ways to communicate with the clients and ways to link the client to communicate on his/her own.
    • Defines special text templates for bonds to be used when needed without being re-written.
    • An integrated system for the purposes of sale and purchase of currencies and exchange rate movements.
    • A special card for correspondents (agents) and the dealing banks that includes all personal, financial, and detailed data.
    • Links users with the concerned correspondents or who are allowed to deal with.
    • Links correspondents and banks online and migrates data to and from immediately and highly confidential.
    • An integrated system to manage incoming and outgoing transfers.
    • Identifies the desired objectives of issued remittances.
    • Identifies the reasons for canceling remittances.
    • Identifies the underlying remittances numbering mechanism issued dynamically.
    • It provides a flexible mechanism to check the incoming and outgoing remittances.
    • Sends issued remittances in a flexible and secure manner with the availability of a complex system in the remittances numbering mechanism and dismantling of numbering.
    • Exchanges remittances easily after being examined and adopted.
    • Archives the clients’ data immediately and through the same movement screen for the speed of delivery purposes.
    • Provides a signature comparison mechanism used with the client electronic signature.
    • Informs the owners of the received remittance by e-mail or SMS automatically with the arrival of the transfer.
    • It provides a unique mechanism with the purpose of keeping incoming and outgoing remittances data between branches, correspondents, and banks with the entire procedures fast and with a high degree of safety by using modern techniques.
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